Mediterranean Diet

Hello and Welcome to dietrophy!

Having worked with children and adults, it is very rewarding to see the power of Nutrition and how it affects both physical and emotional well-being from an early age.

The inspiration for dietrophy came from the Greek word diatrofí = nutrition and the meaning of the word trophy in English = prize. Improving your diet will help you win!

What is the prize? Whatever is motivating YOU to make the dietary change, it is personal.

My role is to provide you with the proper tools, based on the latest scientific evidence, and to support you throughout this process. Making informed food choices can be life changing. The right nutrient balance, adapted to your or your child’s needs and schedule, can help you achieve your own personal goal, whether it is weight loss or gain, optimal growth, feeling more energetic, improving your blood results or something else.

Enjoy browsing the site and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you for visiting dietrophy.