Mediterranean Diet

About Niki

Niki profile photoNiki Philippas, RD, PhD

Niki specializes in family nutrition, working as a private practice dietitian in collaboration with Endocrinologists, General Practitioners, Pediatricians and Behavioral therapists; she has also been the principal Clinical Dietitian of the “Weight and Lipid Control Clinic” at “Mitera Pedon”, Pediatric Hospital of Athens, Greece, and has served as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist in the Optimal Weight for Life Clinic, of the Boston Children’s Hospital and in the Foundation’s Family Nutrition center, in Boston, MA, USA, among other positions (detailed CV).

She has extensive experience in treating childhood and adult obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, hyperlipidemias, as well as providing the proper nutrition to underweight children and adults.

Niki has always had an interest in the effect of nutrients on health. Each nutrient has a special role to play in our body and achieving nutritional balance is key to homeostasis and health. Nutrition education and personalizing the nutrition plan to the child’s or adult’s habits, culture, daily schedule and medical background is important in order to provide realistic advice and achieve the desired outcome.

Her PhD thesis, completed at the Athens Medical school, is titled: “Effect of the glycemic index and glycemic load of the diet on the parameters of metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents” and reflects her interest in the low glycemic load approach for healthy eating and weight control, in combination with the antioxidant rich Mediterranean diet.

Niki currently lives in Athens with her family. She enjoys helping adults and children to achieve their nutrition goals and gain their “trophy” whatever it may be: health, getting into those jeans, running faster, feeling good … It’s a personal choice!