Mediterranean Diet

Growth failure – Undernutrition

little-102283_1920A decrease in growth velocity and/or a very low weight, or a significant decrease in weight is observed. Your pediatrician or pediatric endocrinologist will have checked for all possible causes. In collaboration with them, we will assess your child’s using a detailed nutritional assessment.


Our goal is to increase the energy and protein density of foods consumed and to increase the variety in order to provide all essential nutrients for growth. Special nutrition supplements will be used if necessary. Feeding strategies to increase quantity and quality of foods eaten will be discussed with the parents. Collaboration with psychologists and or other specialists will be considered.


The “dietrophy” tools that will be used, based on the latest scientific evidence for best outcome, include:


  • Detailed family history
  • Energy and protein rich
  • Use of special nutritional supplements where necessary
  • Support and guidance