Mediterranean Diet

Hyperlipidemia – Hypercholesterolemia

heart-1143648_1920Increased levels of cholesterol/ triglycerides are a consequence of a genetic predisposition and/or a diet high in foods that promote their formation. Most dyslipidemias can be treated through lifestyle modification, only a small percentage being completely genetic. Other factors associated with increasing lipid levels are smoking and stress.


A detailed medical and diet history will be taken in order to target the key changes needed in the diet to lower your blood lipid levels. The dietary recommendations are based on the latest guidelines of the American Heart Association.


It usually takes a few weeks of dietary and lifestyle changes, for the effect to be seen in your blood triglycerides, and up to 6 months of changes for a decrease in your cholesterol.


The “dietrophy” tools that will be used, based on the latest scientific evidence for best outcome, include:

  • Nutrition education
  • List of foods to prefer/ avoid
  • Personalized meal plan – as a guidance
  • Tasty recipes
  • Support and guidance