Mediterranean Diet

Children Services

Children and Adolescents require specialized nutritional advice, in order to cover their increased needs to support physical growth and development. The nutrition therapy is based on nutrition education and behavior modification, engaging the whole family. Adolescents will have their own one to one time if needed, which increases their feeling of control and independence.


As a rule of thumb, children are not put on a “diet”. My aim is to help the whole family, through nutrition education, to make smart food choices inside and outside the home and to learn the right food portion sizes according to age, gender and activity. Using motivational interviewing, the child or adolescent is guided to focus on important changes in their diet that will help them reach their goal.


The nutrition plan is be based on nutrient dense, low glycemic index and load foods, minimizing processed refined foods. The macronutrient content protein, carbohydrate, fat) of the diet is adapted according to the child’s or adolescent’s needs. Emphasis is placed on altering certain nutrients in the diet depending on what we want to achieve.


The services for adults include, but are not limited to, dietary advice for: